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The Stevenson Family Session at Annenberg Beach House- Santa Monica, California

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Oh, how I LOVE this family! Bekah and I have known each other since our oldest babies were actual babies- isn't that crazy? We've tried for so long to get together and take photos of her sweet family, but life gets busy and time flies by, before you know it years have passed! Luckily, their latest addition of sweet third baby, Ashton, seemed like the perfect opportunity to make it happen! His older brothers taught me the fine art of "Flossing" and all things Fortnite and I got sweet snuggles form the littlest member that staved off my own personal baby fever... for now! :) Best of all, the amazing golden sunset and pink sky had my photographer heart pitter pattering- it was the perfect time together!

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